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Building strength is an attitude that includes ferociously loving and defending life without compromising personal values.


Fitness Is A Choice

Losing the extra belly fat, building lean muscle mass and the life style changes makes no sense unless you find something significant and meaningful in it for you. There are hundreds of programs that could teach you how to accomplish these goals quickly and there are millions of people who fail at it.

The reasons for failure is not lack of workout or nutrition information. The reasons are communication challenges. Marketers want you to buy their products based on how easy they are to use. They want you to just fill in the blanks and follow a system. And you a a consumer, want to believe how easy and fast the process of fitness is.

Fitness is not easy especially if you do not have a strong reason to be fit. Even threat of serious diseases like cardio vascular disease, diabetes or cancer is not significant or meaningful to most.  Find what is significant to you first. Find out if and how fitness will help you reach it. Then every step becomes easy.

A teenage boy full of hormones who has fallen head over heels over a girl is a perfect example of it is possible to do the most outrageous things to reach what we consider significant and meaningful. A grandfather who gives up smoking cold because of the love of new grandchild knows how easy is a relative.

Find what is significant to you and I can guarantee that fitness is part of that.

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