Fastest Way to Build Muscle

There is only one way to build muscle, and that is through systematically challenging your muscles with heavier loads without causing injury.

Part of a systematic approach is progression that assumes you are consistent in your workouts. Many look for quickest way to build muscle meaning they are looking for a shortcut to help them build muscles without putting in the hard work.

That’s just ain’t gone happen. To those, I say to find another hobby, maybe join a book club or something.

There are others who are showing up a the gym and want to improve their results. When they look for fastest way to build muscle they mean a more efficient way. They want to get more from their workouts.

I take my hat off to them.

There is always a better way to do things regardless of how long you have been doing it. In the world of bodybuilding, take a look at the bodybuilders of sixty or seventy years ago. They really put their heart into what they did. However, they could not even come close to the freakishly large and sculpted muscles of today’s bodybuilder.

Granted that much of that is messing up with the hormones. However, there are so many new discoveries in the nutrition and muscle building supplementation as well as discoveries in the field of kinesiology that helps the new generation of bodybuilders.

The point is that there is always a better way for you to get more out of your workouts.

The best way to do it is to have a written periodization plan and keep a record of your sessions. A written record is one of the most reliable ways for you to get insights into what actually works for you.

One of the simplest revelations from a written record is how often you sleep, eat and drink. The three best way to build muscle that has nothing to do with workouts and has everything to do with your results.

Another revelation from a written record is your rest period. When you hit your muscles hard, you must allow them rest and recovery time to build. Without rest, you are over training, and the only thing you have to show for is frustration and fatigue that penetrates deep into every system and organ of your body.

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