Failed cardio is one of the worst kept secrets in weight loss. Still many women follow the footsteps of their mothers and grandmothers by jumping on the cardio bandwagon when it comes to weight loss.

The traditional cardio by definition is meant to improve your cardio-vascular efficiency and strength. That is why it is called cardio. Even the effect of many cardio workouts on cardio-vascular strength is debatable.

Performing “cardio workouts” to lose weight is a big waste of time for several reasons and most know it through experience of having done hours of the mind numbing motions without results.

One of the most basic reasons why cardios fail in providing sufficient weight loss effect is the very definition of work according to physics formula. Losing weight is the consequence of burning more calories than you consume and burning calories is a function of work.

In physics, the formula for work is measured by the amount of force causing or prevents displacement at a particular angle.

Imagine that you are standing behind a grocery cart and pushing it straight forward for the length of one aisle. The amount of work you perform in that activity could be measured by the weight of the grocery cart, the length of the aisle and the angle of your push.

What happens if you load the grocery cart with 40 heavy bottles of water? You’ll do more work.

What about pushing it for the length of two aisles instead of one? You’ll do more work.

In both cases, you could manage to do the same amount of work by increasing the load or by increasing the distance you push the cart.

Now let’s take it this up a notch or ten.

What happens if you trained in a way that you could at the end of your training to push not a grocery cart but a small car for the length of an aisle?

You’ll have developed the large muscle fibers in your largest muscle groups of your body that are responsible to create that much force. These are the muscles and fibers that eat up carbs and spit out fire in the form of heat. These are the muscles that burn calories around the clock. These are the muscle that help you lose fat fast and keep it off.

On the other hand, imagine that you’ve trained yourself to push the grocery cart for three miles or ten? Will you ever develop the ability to push as much weight as a car?

The answer is no. With that answer also enters the realization that you have not developed the large muscle groups and the fibers that burn through carbs around the clock. Carbs stay in your system and gets stored.

At the end your “aerobic”, “cardio” training, you still have similar challenges in losing weight and keeping it off as you started.

You can expand your detailed look at the traditional “cardio” and how it impacts workout weight loss for women to include a definition of strength and power. You can look at creating oxygen deficit and after burn and positive hormonal changes, and you’ll notice that cardio workouts fail at almost every step of the way.

Does this mean everyone should stop doing the so called aerobics exercises?

Of course not.

I have seen supersized bodybuilders who get winded and give up when they go a round or two with a wrestler. It is the aerobic capacity of the wrestler that wins the game. I have also seen wrestlers fall behind gasping for breath when they try to match running stamina with a long distance runner or a swimmer.

What I am saying is that aerobic endurance training or trying to do cardio for fat loss have very limited impact on your ability to lose weight and keep it off. Resistance training is much more effective workout plans for weight loss.